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Corporate Law


Your corporate affairs in order

Meijer Notarissen advises and guides both Dutch and foreign clients in the field of business. Running a business can be done in many ways. Alone or with a business partner, with or without staff, as a sole trader, private limited company or public limited company. Which shape is best for you? This choice and the accompanying guidance require customization. Our (candidate) civil-law notaries and notarial staff think along with you in a professional and personal way and make the right legal translation for you. From simple foundations to complex private limited company structures.

Private Company

A private company with limited liability is an independent legal entity, suitable for companies with only one shareholder and one director, and for companies with various shareholders and several directors.

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Public Limited Company

Just as with a private limited company, a public limited company is a company whose capital is divided into shares. The difference between the two legal forms is that in a private limited company the shares can only be transferred through the notary.

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Establishing a foundation

If you pursue a social objective together with other persons and you have assets available for this, you can set up a foundation as a legal form.

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Founding an Association

An association has members with the same hobby, philosophy of life or political conviction. Do you want to play sports or make music together? Or do you want to collaborate with others to improve a shopping area? With such a joint goal you can opt for the association as legal form.

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Issue of shares

The issue of shares upon incorporation is governed by the deed of incorporation of the company. That is always a notarial deed. In that case, no separate deed is required for the issue of shares.

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Transfer of shares

The capital of a company is divided into shares. A delivery of shares, commonly known as a share transfer, to a private limited company or public limited company takes place via a notarial deed. This deed contains the details of the seller, the buyer and the company.

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Pledge of shares

By pledging shares you give a so-called ‘lien’ to a lending party. Various formalities must be properly arranged for this.

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