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Inheritance law

If someone to whom you were in a close relationship dies, you will have a lot to process in a short time. The death not only has emotional consequences, but you will unfortunately also be confronted with a number of business decisions that must be made. First there is the funeral, then the settlement of the estate begins. When you are asked for a so-called ‘certificate of inheritance’, the intervention of a notary is required.

At such a moment it is good if the inheritance is well described in advance (and divided) according to the wishes of the deceased. Even if that is not the case, hiring a notary relieves you of many problems and concerns. Meijer Notarissen is happy to assist you in a professional and fast settlement. Our notaries can also inform the heirs about the possibilities of accepting or not accepting the inheritance.

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Assets and debts

A deceased person is also called the testator. The deceased leaves assets and / or debts. The assets and debts of the testator together form the estate. The law of succession regulates the transfer of the deceased’s possessions and debts to the heirs. The certificate of succession, drawn up by a civil-law notary, states who died, whether a will was made and who, by virtue of the law or the will, are the heirs and who can handle the estate. When the testator has made a will, the heirs receive all or part of the assets as laid down in that will. If no will is made, the law determines who the heirs are and what they receive. This is the legal inheritance law.

Certificate of inheritance

A certificate of inheritance is a statement drawn up by the notary that states who died, whether a will was made and who the heirs are by virtue of the law or the will. The notary makes this statement on the basis of data to be collected by him. The statement also states who can handle the estate.

Control by the notary

The notary must check a number of matters before issuing the statement. For example, the Central Testament Register checks whether there is a will, the personal records are checked at the population register and an heir investigation is carried out. If the notary has received all the required information, he can issue the certificate of inheritance. If you wish to have the name of the testator’s property changed, our notaries can make this correct by registering the certificate of inheritance at the Land Registry.

Do you need to have a certificate of inheritance drawn up? Meijer Notarissen is happy to advise you! Make an appointment to discuss your personal situation with one of our notaries.

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