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When a dear person dies, it is a sad event for his family, friends and acquaintances. Emotions also play a major role around death, burial and cremation. Even during the grieving process after death, emotions are often decisive in thinking and acting. Then it is good if the estate / inheritance is well described in advance and is divided according to the wishes of the deceased. Even when this is not the case, Meijer Notarissen can relieve you of many problems and concerns.

A deceased person is also called the testator. This person leaves assets and / or debts. The assets and debts of the testator together form the estate. The law of succession regulates the transfer of the deceased’s possessions and debts to the heirs. The certificate of succession, drawn up by a civil-law notary, states who died, whether a will was made and who, by virtue of the law or the will, are the heirs and who can handle the estate.

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Inheritance tax

When the testator has made a will, the heirs receive all or part of the assets as laid down in that will. If no will is made, the law determines who the heirs are and what they receive. This is the legal inheritance law. Within eight months after the death, a tax return must be submitted to the tax authorities for inheritance tax. Meijer Notarissen can also arrange this for you.

Act of distribution

If one of the heirs is a minor or when property has to be divided, a deed of division or a notarial inventory is required. Various matters can be included in this deed. Namely the names of the heirs and the content of the will. The same applies to the description of the estate, either the list of assets, the value thereof or the amount of debts. Also, the determination of the size of the inheritances and the division and delivery of the estate may be specified in the deed.


When an executor has been appointed in the will, this person will take care of the practical matters. The executor must always ensure that an inventory of assets is drawn up, or a description of what is left behind. Meijer Notarissen is happy to assist you with a professional and fast settlement of inheritances.

Do you want to ensure that your estate is in good hands? Meijer Notarissen is happy to advise you! Make an appointment to discuss your personal situation with one of our notaries.

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