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Partnership terms

You decide to enter into a registered partnership with each other. There is also a business side to this joyous event. You make a commitment together. It is good to think about this and, in addition to having a good life together, also arrange this aspect of your decision properly. The law stipulates that you enter into a registered partnership in the community of property.

If one of you has already accumulated capital or debts, it may be perceived as not reasonable that the other participates; or becomes liable for. You can prevent this by recording matters in partnership conditions. At Meijer Notarissen, we are happy to assist you in registering your conditions.

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Individual and joint possessions

With partnership conditions you can decide which assets and debts you share and which are personal. In this way, assets that arise during the registered partnership can remain yours. This applies, for example, for your savings or a valuable collection. Also available with conditions to ensure that your own cause by you. If you split up, then you do not entirely share the value. The company can then so just go ahead. In addition, protects you in that way your partner against any creditors of your business.

Drafting the document

Partnership conditions are generally drawn up before you enter into a registered partnership with each other. This is also possible during this commitment, but the procedure is then much more complex. We therefore advise you to have the conditions drawn up prior to the partnership. Partnership conditions are very personal. That is why we discuss with you your backgrounds, specific wishes and future plans. Meijer Notarissen is happy to make the legal translation for you, so that everything is recorded as well as possible for both of you.

Overall community property

It is also possible to opt for an overall community of goods in terms of partnership. You then record that everything is yours together. Also, assets that you already had before the partnership. That can be attractive for tax purposes, for example if you retire or stop your company. Partnership conditions can always be adjusted or canceled.

Testing existing conditions

Do you already have registered partnership conditions? Then it may be important to test your existing conditions. Due to changes in the law or case-law or because your situation has changed, it may be that your partnership conditions have unintended or even unwanted consequences. The possibility exists to cancel it, if that is (fiscally) more favorable.

Do you want to know which partnership conditions are best for you? Make an appointment to discuss your personal situation with one of our notaries. Meijer Notarissen is happy to advise you!

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