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Real Estate

The Real Estate section

The Real Estate sector deals with conventional closings and more complex matters alike. This sector aims to offer its clientele the best possible service by ensuring easy access in combination with personal attention. It operates an all-in fee structure so as to ensure that its clients should receive full service without being unpleasantly surprised when the invoice arrives.

Purchase of a home

For most individuals, buying a home is the biggest financial decision in their lives. A decision that most people make only a few times in their lives. Meijer Notarissen will assist you with professional advice.

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Sell a house

You have found a buyer for your house. It is important for you that the purchase continues because you want to buy a new home yourself or you have already bought a new home. That is why you must make agreements about the transfer and the conditions that must be met.

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Mortgage pass

When you buy a new home or business premises, it is usually necessary to take out a mortgage. The notary draws up a mortgage deed for this and is the only party that can do so in accordance with the law.

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Split apartment rights

When buying a home that is part of a larger building, you purchase a so-called apartment right. This means that you actually purchase two things from a legal point of view: a share in joint ownership of the entire building and the right to use your home.

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Lease issue

Leasehold is the right to use a piece of land and the living space on it. The land containing the dwelling remains the property of the leaseholder, or the owner.

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Section staff members

mr C. Hagendijk - Meijer Notarissen
mr C. Hagendijk
NotaryPrivate & Family Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate+31 (0)20 - 53 170 04
mr M.R. Meijer - Meijer Notarissen
mr M.R. Meijer
NotaryPrivate & Family Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate+31 (0)20 - 53 170 06
mr J. Borren - Mr M.J. Meijer Notarissen N.V.
mr J. Borren
NotaryPrivate & Family Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate
mr B. van Loenen-van Jaarsveld - Meijer Notarissen
mr B. van Loenen- van Jaarsveld
Assigned notaryReal Estate+31 (0)20 - 53 170 35
C.C. van der Bijl
General EmployeeReal Estate+31 (0)20-531 70 31