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You want to sell your house?

You have found a buyer for your house. It is important for you that the purchase continues because you want to buy a new home yourself or you have already bought a new home. In short: you are looking for security. That is why you must make agreements about the transfer and the conditions that must be met. You must record these agreements in writing in the purchase contract. Oral agreements do not apply.

Sell a house

The purchase contract is one of the most important aspects when selling a home. It contains the agreements that you make with the buyer. It therefore forms the basis for the transfer of ownership of the property. If you forget to put something in the contract or if it is not quite right, it can have major consequences. Because once signed, remains signed.

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Meijer Notarissen

Hassle-free transfer

Hassle-free transfer starts with a good purchase contract. It is a legal document that requires special knowledge. Meijer Notarissen has that special knowledge. It is best to have the purchase contract drawn up by the notary. The notary specializes in the legal side of sales and is also independent and impartial. He will therefore inform you and the buyer, so that you both know exactly where you stand. Then you know what you make agreements about before you sign the contract. This prevents you from forgetting to arrange something important. Such as resolutive conditions or agreements on matters such as soil pollution.

Certainty about rights and obligations

Meijer Notarissen can also advise you on what you should do if the buyer defaults. And vice versa of course. It is important that you agree in the purchase contract what your rights (and obligations) are in that case. For example, the buyer has to pay a fine if the transfer does not take place on the planned date due to his actions. And what you have to do to claim that fine.

Protection against financial problems

If the notary draws up the purchase contract, he can also register it immediately at the Land Registry. This prevents the transfer from being compromised if you have financial problems. For example, if you have debts or if you are in danger of going bankrupt. With debts, it does not even have to be about large amounts. A small payment delay can already ensure that your home is seized. And then you can no longer transfer the house, which may lead you to further problems. The transfer must take place within six months after registration. Otherwise this protection expires.

Have you found a buyer for your house? Meijer Notarissen is happy to assist you with everything needed for a smooth transfer! Make an appointment to discuss your personal situation with one of our notaries.

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